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IMR Test Labs - Singapore Pte Ltd offers materials testing and thermal spray evaluation services to assist in quality control testing, parts qualification packages and new coatings projects.  From raw material verification, to plating or machining evaluations on finished parts, we can provide the right answers, when you need them. 

With a variety of services including tensile testing, high temperature tensile testing, plating evaluations, machining evaluations, bond strength testing and more, IMR Test Labs - Singapore is your materials testing partner in Asia.  See a list of services offered below.

We delivery quality testing services as well as clear, insightful and concise reports.  Our experts are knowledgeable and accessible.


  For more information on our laboratory services:

Contact Enhai Wang, Director - Business Development

IMR Test Labs Singapore Metallurgical Lab

Metallurgical Analysis at IMR Test Labs - Singapore

Metallurgical Lab

Imaging Station



Metallurgical Analysis Mechanical Testing
Scanning Electron Microscopy Creep/Stress Rupture
Failure Analysis Tensile, Yield, Elongation,
Thermal Spray Evaluation    Reduction in Area, Modulus
Aggressive Machining Eval. High Temperature Tensile
Weld, Braze, Joining Evaluation      (to 1000°C)
Inclusion Rating Rotating Beam Fatigue
Plating Thickness, Integrity Braze, Joining Evaluation
Microstructure Evaluation Bond Strength/Adhesion
Grain Size Hardness Testing (Knoop)
Alpha Case Microhardness  (Vickers)
Case Depth Erosion Testing of Coatings
Effective Case Depth CAAS Welder Qualification
Inclusion Content  
Metallography Chemical Analysis
Micro-etching ICP Analysis
Macro-etching OES Analysis
Coatings Evaluations Combustion Analysis
SEM Analysis (C,S,O,N,H)
  Raw Material Verification
  Alloy Identification
  Positive Material Identification (PMI)
Creep/Stress Rupture Testing at IMR Test Labs Singapore

ICP Chemical Analysis & Combustion at IMR Test Labs Singapore

Creep Stress Rupture Frames

ICP Chemical Analysis with C, S, H, O, N Units in the Background

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